Andrew Mellon: A Study in Conservative American History

September 14, 2014



The story of Andrew Mellon (1855-1937) is lab in American conservatism. There are at least three reasons: (1) his business success, (2) his political acumen, and (3) his philanthropy.

Business Success. He became one of the richest men in America through successful business ventures across numerous industries. His businesses gave jobs to tens of thousands of Americans while advancing the economy.

Political Success. He served as Secretary of the Treasury from 1921 to 1932 under three presidents: Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover. Working with President Coolidge, Mellon was instrumental in reviving the country from the depression of 1920-21. Unlike the later big government tactics of FDR in the 1930’s—which dragged the Great Depression on for a decade—the Mellon/Coolidge plan reduced the burden of government and brought a quick end to the depression of 1920-21. This ushered in the fabulously successful Roaring Twenties. The Mellon/Coolidge plan cut the top income tax rate from 77 to 24 percent, which helped put large fortunes back into the economy. And under their leadership, the federal debt was cut from $22 billion to $17 billion.

Philanthropy. He was active in numerous philanthropic endeavors. The biggest was a $50 million gift of art and funding for the establishment of the National Gallery of Art in Washington in 1937. Mellon refused to have his name associated with the gift. This is a demonstration how private wealth is important for cultural good.

The Coolidge/Mellon legacy is a study of how effective limited government can be compared to liberal big-government meddling in the economy. FDR believed that you could raise up the lower class by bringing down the rich. But, liberal-progressivism proved to be a total failure. (Too bad modern progressives refuse to learn this lesson from history.)

Mellon became a target of FDR’s despicable class warfare in both taxation policy and lawsuit harassment. Mellon was exonerated in FDR’s attempt to entrap the former Treasury Secretary for tax evasion.

For more on this remarkable story, see:


Also highly recommended is the book THE FORGOTTEN MAN by Amity Shlaes.


The Great Society: In Ferguson, MO

August 27, 2014


Welcome. We have arrived in the Great Society foisted on us by liberals from FDR to LBJ, who holds title to the vision. It is marked by:

  • a race-based underclass with 13-18% black unemployment and 109 million people overall on welfare across the country
  •  broad disrespect for the legal process and institutions such as the church
  • lawlessness in school classrooms and on our streets
  • 78% of the homes in the ghettos with children are fatherless

As we slouch toward Gomorrah, there is a segment of our society—increasingly affecting all of our culture—that has no concept of objective moral values or delayed gratification so important for progress. It is a culture that confuses poverty with indolence, statesmanship with politics, rights with demands, and truth with expediency.

I make no judgment against either party to the most unfortunate death of the young black man in Ferguson. I trust justice to prevail. But the aftermath of the incident deserves judgment—including the comments by the Democrat governor of Missouri and the U.S. attorney general who essentially committed jury tampering, and the outrageous response by others like Al Sharpton who foment division, racism, and lawlessness.

As Milton Friedman said, “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”

Liberals, YOU and your utopian ideologies are the cause of this mess.

There are three great threats to our way of life: (1) Progressive Socialism, (2) Secular Humanism, and (3) Radical Islamism.

Liberalism embraces the first two of these and is soft on the third. WAKE UP AMERICA.


The author, Charles Meek, is Off Grid Blogger. He is also the editor of FaithFacts.org, one of the oldest Christian apologetics sites on the internet. He may be reached at offgridblogger@msn.com.


Lincoln and Obama: Two Tyrants

February 24, 2014

Few people understand how lawless Abraham Lincoln was in propagating our country’s biggest nightmare—the Civil War. And not enough people sense the parallel of Obama’s emerging lawlessness.

Lincoln achieved his political aims by bullying—rather than effective, innovative solutions and negotiations. Here are some facts:

  • Lincoln closed more than 300 newspapers that disagreed with him.
  • He arrested members of state legislatures, preventing them from debating the secession issue.
  • He ordered military trials for citizens when civilian courts were available. Many of these trials resulted in hangings.
  • Operating as a military dictator, Lincoln spent millions not authorized by the Congress.
  • He suspended the writ of habeas corpus, a law that prevents people from being imprisoned without due process. This suspension, along with the military tribunals, resulted in the imprisonment of 14,000 war opponents illegally. (For comparison, Mussolini is reported to have jailed around 2,000 people.)
  • When Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney ruled Lincoln’s suspension of the writ unconstitutional, amazingly, Lincoln ordered Taney arrested! But the United States Marshal’s office refused to make the arrest without a valid arrest warrant. However, due to the political situation at the time, the writ was never officially restored until Andrew Johnson’s tenure.
  • The cruelty of the Northern generals Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan was authorized by Lincoln. The wanton cruelty toward civilian life and property made Lincoln clearly guilty of war crimes.
  • His dishonorable prosecution of the war is responsible for the failure to re-assimilate the South after the war, and left bitterness for a hundred years. The Ku Klux Klan is certainly a result of this bitterness.
  •  Lincoln signed the order approving the hanging of 39 Sioux Indians, for dubious reasons. This was the only mass hanging in American history.
  • Lincoln was a liar, changing his message to suit the audience and his political objectives.

This is all presented in an amazing book by Charles Adams entitled, When in the Course of Human Events. Adams concludes, as any reasonable man would, that Lincoln should have been impeached. The war would thus have not progressed to its devastating conclusion. And slavery, which was clearly on its way out anyway, would have ended without the loss of 630,000 American lives.

So, how is this relevant today? Is it not ironic that a black president is potentially taking us down a path of a constitutional crisis not seen since Lincoln? History never repeats itself exactly. But the parallels should be apparent to anyone willing to see them.


Is Secession Any Closer?

February 17, 2014

I sense that anger is building among the states as the federal government continues to encroach on states’ rights. Healthcare, traditional marriage, and other issues are irritating leaders in many states. Sooner or later a state is going to stand up and tell the federal government to go to hell.

What might secession look like? I have a website that is dedicated to this proposition:


Here I offer some ideas to get people thinking about how we could go it alone here in Texas. I also address standard objections to secession.

By the way, at least one poll has shown that we are close to a majority of Texans being willing to consider secession.

All it will take is a few brave leaders like America has been blessed with in our history. Men like Davy Crockett. In case you have forgotten,  Davy Crockett was one of those true statesmen of history. He was elected as a representative from Tennessee to the US Congress. Crockett spent his entire career fighting and defending real individual liberty and the abuses of the US Congress violating the Constitution. In 1835 in a fury of anger, David Crockett rose on the floor of Congress, when Congress again was violating the Constitution, and cried out:

 “Ya’ll can go to hell, I’m goin‘ to Texas!”

Crockett died fighting for liberty at the Alamo in 1836. God bless Davy Crockett and men of principle in our history like him.


Advice for the Young on ObamaCare

December 5, 2013

If I were a young person, I would think twice about signing up for ObamaCare. Besides the healthcare.gov website being a huge hassle, here are some reasons to just BLOW IT OFF:

  • It is not worth the price you are being charged to pay for yourself AND us older folks who don’t need your help, AND pay for a lot of things you don’t need that are required in ObamaCare policies (like sex-change operations).
  • Not only are you paying for old people’s healthcare, you will be paying an estimated 18% more for insurance over your lifetime. It’s a bad deal! In other words, ObamaCare is not simply redistribution—the young and healthy paying for the sick and old—it is a RIP-OFF!
  • If you contract a disease sometime in the future, you can sign up then. The law requires that insurance companies accept people with pre-existing conditions!
  • You DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THE PENALTY tax for not signing up! It can only be levied against your tax withholding. So all you have to do to avoid the tax is adjust your withholding so there is no tax refund due at the end of the year. Duh!
  • Your personal information is not safe! If you are concerned that potential employers can access your Facebook page and use whatever you have there against you in the future, ObamaCare is worse. Reports are out now that security was not built into the healthcare.gov website at all! Anybody could end up with details about you, your Social Security number, your health records, etc.
  • You are contributing to Big Government controlling your life. (You are finally out from under your parents only to be manipulated by Uncle Sam!) Trust, me. If you let Obama get away with this, you will be a servant to the state your whole life.

Here’s an alternative. Let’s say you are 30 years old. It is unlikely that you will have major medical expenses until you reach 50. So you have 20 years to save up. Let’s further say that you were previously paying $300 per month for health insurance. Under ObamaCare your premiums are now $500 per month.

Instead of sending the monthly check down Obama’s rat hole, save it. Assuming a mere 3% interest earned on your savings, you will have $164,000 saved up by age 50. Then buy insurance!


What Republicans Can Do Now Against ObamaCare

November 14, 2013

Republicans are essentially politically brain dead. The Democrats constantly have them on the defensive. Here is a move the Republicans could make to take the offensive.

John Boehner could hold a press conference to announce that given that ObamaCare is not working, he is appointing a committee to study alternatives to ObamaCare. The committee will consist of 15 members, including 11 members of the medical community, 2 members each from the Republican and Democrat parties. The distinguished surgeon Ben Carson will be committee chairman.

Directions for the committee are to recommend a new law that will replace ObamaCare. It should contain these things:

1. A rollback of insurance plans and rates to ensure that the President’s promise that anyone who wants to keep their old plan and physician relationships may do so.

2. Offer more choices for consumers with more competition among providers.

3. Financial assistance for states to offer catastrophic care insurance insurance opportunities for the low income citizens or those with pre-existing conditions.

4. Provide a funding mechanism that does not add to the federal deficit.

The committee should present their report to the Congress in 6 months. Upon receipt of the committee’s report, a national debate shall begin leading to passage.


Open Letter to Liberal Churches: A Dirty Dozen Questions on Social Issues

June 8, 2013

Liberal Christians have much that you can teach us conservatives. Your passion for loving thy neighbor is admirable. But, TRUTH MATTERS. So I’ve got a few questions for you:

1. Have you let the culture influence you rather than the other way around? If so, how is that biblical?

2. Are you offering a message of hope and forgiveness (from the pulpit) through repentance and faith to those who may have strayed—on these issues: Adultery, Homosexuality, and Abortion? Remember, there are two sides to sin—the sin itself, and the recovery and healing.

3. Do you care about the TRUTH of homosexuality, or just your idealized vision of it? Statistics clearly show that this lifestyle is a horribly destructive behavior physically, emotionally, spiritually—that it is marked by early death, disease, disappointment, promiscuity, perversity, addiction, and misery. The truth is that the real threat to persons in the homosexual lifestyle is not discrimination, but physical devastation. How compassionate is it really to encourage this lifestyle?

4. Do you care that you have been lied to by the politically correct crowd about being “born that way”—since all of the evidence points to the fact that there IS NO GAY GENE and that many many people really do leave the homosexual lifestyle completely?

5. Can you see that marriage is a God-given institution between one man and one woman—a fundamental institution so important to society and the raising of children that no government has the right to take it away? Can you see that the gay marriage issue is society’s attempt to marginalize Christianity, even making the Bible HATE SPEECH and thus a crime? Can’t you see where this is leading us on our precious religious liberty?

6. Are there some sins that you are willing to preach against, but arbitrarily white-wash other sins from your preaching and teaching? Would you preach the truth even if it cost you membership in your church—or even your job?

7. Do you acknowledge, even out of the corner of your eye, that the Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is not only a sin, but a heinous one often presented along with others in the context of idolatry? “Woe to those who call evil good (Isaiah 5:20).”

8. What right do you have to arbitrarily ignore anything that God has commanded or spoken? They are HIS rules, after all, not yours. If you are going to throw out some of what He commanded, what’s to stop you from throwing out other parts you don’t like? How is this helping the Christian cause? Are you effectively telling non-Christians that they can be the judges of which parts of the New Testament to follow?

9. Are you willing to publicly admit that abortion is murder, since it is both medically and theologically true that it takes a human life? (How about the Sixth Commandment?) What twisting of logic have you used to convince yourself that you have to leave this one alone?

10. How does your view of compassion for the “least of these” square with the fact that the most dangerous place to be for an innocent unborn child is in her mother’s womb? If you could have saved the life of even a single child from abortion by speaking out, isn’t the blood of that child on your hands?

11. Is your big tent big enough to include a conservative with a biblical worldview? Or is your big tent really just an arbitrary and hypocritical excuse to surround yourself with people holding to your own political views? Is your passion for tolerance limited to those you arbitrarily choose to tolerate?

12. Can you see that the decline in mainline denominations is consistent with your caving on the social issues? Are you really leading people to Christ or giving them a mixed message and false conversion while aiding the decline of Christianity in America?

For statistics, studies, and sources, see the Christianity and Culture section of Faith Facts:



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